How To Fix IertUtil DLL Errors Fix – Working Fix For IertUtil

Iertutil.dll is an important component that is used under Microsoft to help process the Internet Explorer program. Specifically, it is considered as a crucial runtime component. Without the file, it is impossible for the Internet Explorer browser to run smoothly and properly. Nonetheless, despite its functionality there are also instances wherein the component can simply become problematic. Errors with the file usually happen when the browser is updated to its beta version of the Internet Explorer 7. Often, when the browser is updated to that version, several problems and glitches occur which eventually causes the Internet Explorer 7 to suffer errors and eventually crash. It’s important to address the different issues contributing to this error to be able to fully fix the problem. Fortunately, the following sections will provide an idea on how to get rid of this problem.

What Causes The IertUtil.dll Error?

When the computer is experiencing this problem, the following message is displayed:

“The ordinal 313 could not be located in the dynamic link library iertutil.dll”

Normally, the main cause of a problematic iertutil.dll is an issue with the Internet Explorer program. Common problems with this application occur when a file is missing or has simply been corrupted or damaged. When the file becomes faulty, the computer specifically Windows will have a hard time reading the file properly. Furthermore, errors with the file can also be triggered by errors in the registry. Users have to identify the source or sources of the problem to properly fix the issue. This can be done through the following steps discussed.

How To Fix The IertUtil.dll Errors On Your PC

One way to solve the problem is to manually replace the file. Replacing the file can help get rid of any corruption or damage. After replacing this file, it’s also important to remember that the file needs to be registered. To do this, follow these steps:

Download a fresh copy of the file from its original server then save it into the computer.

Find this location c:\Windows\System32. Find the existing iertutil.dll and change the name of the file into iertutilBACKUP.dll.

Copy the newly downloaded file and move it into this location C:\Windows\System32.

Click Start and then select Run.

On the Run box, type in “cmd” and then type in regsvr32 iertutil.dll” on the command prompt and then press Enter. This process should ensure that the computer will have a fresh file to access. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully. Any mistake in these procedures can only lead to more problems.

Another important thing to do is to clean the computer’s registry. Errors with this file are also triggered by registry errors thus it’s important to make that the registry is ridden off any faulty component. Basically, the registry contains all files, settings, and applications used in the system. If a component in the registry goes haywire then the rest of the components are also affected. To clean the registry, download a registry cleaner application from the internet. Make sure to download from a reliable source.

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