We all are aware of how production can matter depending on the speed and performance of your computer. It is irritating to see when your new laptop or a desktop underperforms and works at a sluggish pace. Is it related to a Hardware issue? You are wrong, the problem is […]

The 0×000000EA error in Windows XP is one of the most common problems that this system can face, and is caused by a problem with the “graphics adapter” on your system. More specifically, the problem is caused by your graphics card entering a infinite loop if it becomes idle, which […]

The new Nokia 5800 Xpresss Music is Nokia’s latest offer in the touch screen smart phone market. The instrument is solid evidence that Nokia has built the device based on consumer aspirations about a mobile phone. The phone incorporates all the key features that consumers visualize in an ideal touch […]

Hardware is the less glamorous side of computer revolution. Both in terms of function-wise and job-wise, software gets all the credit. Everybody says, rightly, a million things about Windows, Google, Photoshop, and a number of other software programs like Adobe Acrobat, MS Office, and various kinds of programming languages. But […]

So you want to learn how to build paintball bunkers, and you want to learn now. Here is a couple of great ways you can go about building homemade paintball bunkers for your field. Unless you have a couple thousand dollars to spare for a complete inflatable airball field, then […]

IP-PBX systems and softswitches are in some ways apples and oranges. While in most cases softswitches are IP-PBX systems, the reverse is not always true. When a system is referred to as an IP-PBX, that typically indicates only that the system supports VOIP communication to the handset and/or the PSTN […]

Nowadays all the organizations and businesses are looking at implementation of SAP ERP system. Enterprise Resource Planning helps to streamline the business operations and SAP is picking up due to its features and flexibility. The minimum system requirements to install SAP ERP should be known before you decide to install […]