By now you are no doubt aware of Apple’s closed platform of OS X available on the iPhone, preventing third party software from being created for the device. In fact, you may be encouraged by the fact that the device will offer future software titles through the user-friendly iTunes stores. […]

Computers can develop problems for a variety of reasons, and it can sometimes be hard to isolate the cause. Problems come in two general types: hardware and software. Hardware refers to a physical part of your computer, including the keyboard, the hard drive, and the motherboard. Software refers to programs […]

Computer hardware consists of the different components of a computer including the CPU or the Central Processing Unit, mouse, keyboard, monitor, hard disk, RAM or memory, drives such as the DVD, CD, optical, tape and so forth. All these components are essential for the proper functioning of a personal computer. […]

It is amazing how many laptops/notebooks have ineffective heat dissipation in the case.  Poor laptop cooling is a top reason for system failures in my humble opinion. A computer system without good free flowing air circulation will have its hard drive, CPU, motherboard and battery life greatly reduced very quickly. […]

Here, we want to concentrate on the external hardware parts of the computer system, their types, functions and how they can be used. A proper understanding of this subject matter as far as computer is concerned will help beginners immensely on how best they can use these devices. Hardware: The […]

Economic uncertainty has created the need for swift, responsive and highly secured IT infrastructures that are also environmentally friendly and more business focused. Organizations are struggling to find the competitive edge, turning to the bounty of opportunities technology provides. Cautious to jump at the latest buzz phrases and hyped solutions, […]