Introduction to ICT Short for Information and Communications Technology, it is the study or business of developing and using technology to process information and aid communications. (eg: voice conversation, email, Processing Business data via computer applications, etc). Recent years have seen a complete revolution in how information is gathered, archived […]

Business Intelligence (BI) and Information Technology (IT) virtually, methodically, and basically go arm-in-arm. Students who are majoring in business, i.e., administration, management, marketing, accounting, etc., will find that BI and IT have morphed into one entity. One does not do without the other. Within the world of information technology / […]

Cyberocracy: Information As Power – Cyberocracy Rulership Is Coming? Ruling with Information! According to futurology – the way that we are headed IS Cyberocracy. The effective use of information to essentially rule as ‘Alternative Responsible Government’. A speculative system as up until now there has been no precedent of such […]

Health care providers like labs, hospitals and x-rays our the house of store which shares and access your health information with the doctors and using computers and other electronic devices makes your work easy for you. Using computers in this interesting way in today fast life is called health information […]