Have a smart TV at home? Enhance your experience with broadband

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Smart TVs offer plenty of benefits to the viewers – from letting you play games, watch videos, stream OTT platforms, to many more smart features that help them stand out from a regular TV box. However, there is one specific requirement that will make your smart TV better – broadband. Without an effective broadband connection that powers your smart TV, you will only be left with a normal TV that lets you watch normal DTH channels. 

And no, you cannot use the ‘mobile hotspot’ solution here because a smart TV demands a lot more of your internet. 

Get broadband to unleash all the features of your smart TV 

Here are a couple of points on how a good broadband service provider can make your smart TV experience even better:

Unlimited internet so you can spend hours on the TV

With the right Wi-Fi connection, you will have a smart TV that lets you spend hours and hours. You will not have to worry about your data pack getting exhausted with a single movie. Instead, watch multiple films all day, play games, watch videos on YouTube, use social media apps on your TV such as Facebook and more.

Incredible internet speed

Bad internet speed does not really get anyone excited. Fortunately, with the correct Wi-Fi plan, you can get incredible internet speeds on your TV. Therefore, you can finally stream all that you want on the smart TV, without getting the annoying buffering signal. Think that your mobile internet speed is just enough? Not really! Compare the network speed tests between a mobile phone plan and a broadband plan to see how vast the difference between the two is. 

Free OTT offers with broadband plans

Another benefit of choosing a broadband plan is that you will also get an additional OTT plan along with your connection. Now, this ideally depends on the broadband service provider that you are choosing. There can be companies that provide you with many OTT options, while some may not offer any. Thankfully, Airtel has some amazing OTT options to explore. Depending on the broadband plan from Airtel that you choose, you can get Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Airtel Xstream app subscriptions at minimal prices. 

Get the broadband plan that suits you the best

Before you splurge on a broadband plan, you must measure what your needs are. For example, a good way to start is to understand how many devices will be using Wi-Fi. Regular users, who will need Wi-Fi for their smart TVs and 4 or 5 more additional devices can work with a 100 MBPS connection very well. However, for higher demand, you can get plans that offer internet speeds of up to 300 MBPS or even 1 GBPS. 

You could go for Airtel’s Xstream Wi-Fi connection. The additional OTT benefits also make for a good deal. Searching for ‘Airtel Wi-Fi connection near me’ on Google? Visit their website today!

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