A Renter’s Guide to Choosing Internet and TV Service

A renter's guide to choosing internet and TV service | Allconnect

Are you moving to a new place? Well, suppose you have checked on electricity, gas, and water supply and have forgotten about the internet and TV services. In that case, you are surely missing out on the most significant chunk. 


Like other essentials, internet and TV service have become a part of basic needs and are likely to roll into your monthly cost/budget. However, one thing we are sure about is that most people are unable to choose the right internet package or TV service. You will come across the accommodations where you will be offered pre-wired cable and internet services. 


However, even if you have a pre-wired cable connected, you still need to look for reliable internet or TV services. While this could be a challenging phase for many of you, we will share a guide on choosing your internet and TV services to save you all from the hassle and inconvenience here. 


But first, let’s pay heed to some of the major contributing factors. Since internet access has become an essential part of work-life and plays a huge role in social life, think about the components that can make sense to choose the best package and the options that could be the most reliable choice for renters. 


Although, when it comes to selecting the TV internet provider, you can get confused with the plenty of available choices. At this stage, we always suggest exploring all of the available options and selecting the one that best suits your needs. Below, we will discuss the factors that you should consider before subscribing to a service provider. 


Take your Data and Speed Need in Consideration 

The speed of the internet relies on the DPS, that is, Data Bits per Second that are likely to transport from your device to the internet cable. However, when it comes to deciding which package to choose, make sure you know about your internet usage and have a clear image of the speed you need to perform your tasks.  

So, if you are the one who has to manger work from home, stream videos, or binge-watch series then, you must opt for the device that provides good speed internet. Because in case if you fail to choose the right one, you may have to go through a lot of inconveniences later. Moreover, as per the NAA, if you look into the factors provided in your apartment’s services, don’t forget to count on the potential cost difference compared with the other service providers present on the market. 

Pro tip: Ensure to take reviews from your neighbors-to-be regarding the internet services you are planning to choose. Ask whether they are satisfied with the provided services or not. This can help you select the best one quickly and know about all the facilities that the renters are providing. Besides that, it is the best way to see if they have applied hidden cost tricks in offered services or not. 


Avoid Potential Roadblocks

If you think that the service provider of your apartment would not be a reliable choice for you, check with the management of your apartment first, whether they allow you to choose a service provider from outside or not. 

This could be the biggest roadblock for any of you, so it is always better to be safe. 

In case if the management of the building implies no barrier, then, before deciding to hire a service provider from outside, don’t forget that you will have to pay twice for the same service, only if the service cost is included in your apartment rent. 


So, it’s always good to look at all aspects before jumping on the bandwagon. However, we would suggest you go with the offered services instead of paying twice a time for the same service. 

Besides that, if you are willing to opt for the service of your own choice, then determine the critical factors and have been suggested above so far. Checking online reviews of customers can be a good source of finding whether choosing that one particular service would be good or not. 

Enjoy Flexibility of Service  

The best thing about renting the best service provider is that you can move all through with reliable flexibility. In case if you plan to move out somewhere in a few months or do a job that requires shifting places frequently, this will be the best option for you. At renting, it is also essential to determine the flexibility and availability of services throughout the country or city. Moreover, considering the contract fee and other flexibility options can also be a bonus point. 


For instance:

Temporary or ‘no lock in’ contract: Signing up a contract for a brief time helps you not let your money get wasted because, just in case, if you don’t feel your need is being fulfilled, you can change it as soon as your contract ends. For this, look for a service provider who is ready to give you the flexibility to change your address, freeze your contract for a while, or provide a re-start facility whenever required. 

No contract ending fee: If you plan to rent out an outsider, then ensure that they do not trap customers with exit fees because this can cost you more than enough lately. You can end up paying up additional money if you need to switch before the end of the term. 

Transparent internet plans: These are the type of internet plans that come with no home line rental facility. So, in case if you are planning for home phone calls, then go with the option of avoiding the hassle of the home telephone. 

Consider Your Budget First 

If the complex is a new addition, then be prepared because the installation of the fiber-optic internet and other wirings will be a part of the contract, and for this, you may have to pay a little cost. However, in such scenarios, the residents are supposed to get special pricing via the service provider, which will encourage them to join the membership holders. 

Although there are some questions that you must list down to ask. Let’s say a question like ‘what will happen when the rent is paid on time, but the cable payment might get late?’ In that case, would a late fee will be applied or not?

Apart from that, the grass is always greener on the other side. Hence, in this case, if the complex provides these services, you do not have to invest your time in looking for service providers or neither for setting the appointments with the service providers. The apartment owner will do this on your behalf. 

For How Long You Are Planning to Stay

Some of you may not consider it essential, but a wise person needs to know the period they plan to spend in their new house. The investment you will make surely depends on how many months/years you plan to stay there. Let’s say you are moving to an apartment where they are making a two-year contract with you; here, quitting before the contract ends can trap you in a financial crisis.  


Although, getting hands-on the plan that is ideal and good to go is immensely challenging these days. It may require quite a lot of time investment, and you might have to go beyond your expected budget as well. Hence, to avoid these challenges and barriers, choosing an internet provider by taking their customer’s feedback is a good idea. Therefore, in this case, if you are planning to go for a longer-term contract, then, this way, you can make a safe investment. 

Internet Provider with Satisfied Services 

Recently, the only service provider that has been buzzing all over the U.S. is the COX which is known for providing premium internet services to all of its potential customers. Moreover, the brand is known for assisting customers throughout the significant states of the United States that too with plenty of internet bundle options. 

Here, we are adding this brand as an ideal suggestion in our guide on buying reliable internet service. So, if you reside in the U.S. or even plan to move to a new place, no other option could be as best as COX is. 

Parting Words

In a nutshell, opting for a reliable and good internet package has become a real challenge for people. It takes pretty much enough to invest in internet packages without regrets. This guide has mentioned all basic to focused factors that one should consider before choosing an internet plan. 


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