What You Don’t Know About Internet Marketing

I-Marketing, online marketing, web marketing, E-Marketing, everyone has heard of one of these terms, unless they don’t use a computer. What you don’t know about internet marketing is that it’s a HUGE mine of gold. I’m pretty sure that a lot of people don’t know that or if they do, they are scared to try it because they heard the word HTML or JavaScript. Everyday, people like you and me can make hundreds or even thousand of dollars by using internet marketing. There are lots (really a lot) of ways to use internet to make money.

Some of the most popular and profitable are: Pay Per Click (PPC), E-Mail Marketing, Membership sites, Affiliate Programs and Niche Marketing. The best about internet marketing is that you can literally make money out of thin air. Some of the techniques are as cheap as 0.50 cents a day (Google AdWords, MSN Ad center) others cost 10$ a month (USFreeAds.com) that gets you a bigger income. But the best part of internet is that a lot of techniques require no money at all (Bum Marketing, Affiliate Programs, Article Marketing, etc). So you can start making money without money. Some people make from as small as 20$ a day up to 500$ or 1000$ a day.

People think it’s all unreal or a scam, but the facts can give you an idea.

* World Wide Users (2008): 6,710,029,070
* 2007: $174.5 billion dollars spent online
* 875 million consumers online in 2008
* Most of Google’s income comes from AdWords (adds)
* ClickBank pays up to 75% commission for each transaction
* Companies and publishers need people to advertise their products

This shows just how big internet is. If you don’t buy stuff off the internet there are chances that from the 6 billion internet users, some will do, and believe me they do, the 175.5 billion dollars didn’t came from nowhere. This is what people don’t understand. Internet is infinite just like it’s consumers and publishers. There is place for everyone. There are millions of products on the internet. Because everything is accessible now, anyone can start a business online, or sell products. If you don’t have a product to sell, you can advertise one (ClickBank, LinkShare, Cj), just by writing an article about and get close to 75% of it’s value if someone bought it through your article. The bottom point is that internet = easy money.

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