What To Do & Avoid After A Tooth Extraction

What Should Be Done:

Rest and recuperate: After you’ve had a tooth extracted from a the best private dentist in Fleet, it is best that you rest after. Even if you feel good, you should avoid exercising or any type of intense activity for at least one day. While you’re getting much-needed rest, place your head upright on your pillow.

Allow clotting: Next, you should allow a clot to be formed over the area where the tooth was extracted. This clot is necessary for the site to be covered and healed. When you finish the extraction, your dentist will provide gauze for you to bite down on, over the area that the tooth was extracted from. You should try your best to keep that gauze in place for about an hour since this will help to reduce and stop the bleeding. With that said, don’t move around the gauze in your mouth of even chew on it. Try your best to keep it in place and change it every 30 minutes if you have a lot of bleeding. Now, once a clot has formed, it is important that you keep the clot in place. If it moves, then your nerve endings will get exposed. If you still experience bleeding many hours after your extraction is over, then you should place a wet tea bag on the area. This will help clotting to occur due to the fact that black tea contains tannic acid.

Ice pack: You can use an ice pack on the side of your face where the tooth was extracted. This will go a long way in preventing or reducing any swelling. In most simple tooth extractions, swellings don’t occur. However, if the extraction needed cheek retractions, then swelling is a high possibility. You may not experience swelling right away and it can happen a few days after the extraction. So, it is best to use an ice pack on the side of your face soon after you’ve had the extraction done. Ice packs won’t be very effective 24 hours after the extraction has been completed. When using an ice pack, you can use it for 15 minutes, take a 15 minute break and then use it again in intervals. This can be done for 2 hour periods.

What To Avoid After An Extraction

Avoid smoking: After your tooth extraction procedure, you should avoid smoking for a minimum of 48 hours. This is necessary because the smoke contains chemicals that would negatively impact the blood clot. It can also increases your chances of getting dry socket a couple days after your extraction.

Avoid eating solid food: It is recommended that you don’t eat solid foods right after the extraction. Once the numbness starts to wear away, you can start to eat normal solid food. However, right after your extraction, you should only eat soft or liquid foods such as smoothies, mashed potatoes, yogurts, soup etc.

Use your medication as directed: You definitely don’t want to skip the medications given to you by your dentists. If you’re given antibiotics, make sure that you take them as directed. You should also use the painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs that were prescribed by your dentist to help with the pain and potential swelling. If you are still experiencing pain 2 days after your procedure or if the site continues to bleed, make sure to call the dentist.

Don’t use Aspirin: Avoid using Aspirin for pain, instead, you can use ibuprofen. This is important because Aspirin is actually a blood thinner which may interfere with clot formation and even slow down healing. So, simply use the medications that your dentist prescribes or at least consult with them first before taking anything on your own.

Don’t do any sucking motions: This means that you need to avoid sipping any drinks or food, smoking or even eating hard food such as vegetables right after your extraction. You should only consume soft food and liquids. You should also avoid consuming any hot and spicy foods as well as hot drinks, soft drinks etc.

Don’t touch or poke the extraction site: Even though it may feel weird to have a new space in your mouth, don’t touch or poke the spot of the extraction. If you do, then this can cause bleeding, dry socket and even cause it to take longer to heal.

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