The 50 fastest-growing jobs that pay over $100K | National News

Many Americans are struggling after the coronavirus pandemic devastated the economy and led to millions of furloughs and layoffs. The younger generation just entering college or preparing for graduation will enter a marketplace rife with uncertainty. Still, there are plenty of careers that have shown fast growth in recent years and pay salaries of six figures or more.

Stacker breaks down 50 of these industries, the prerequisites for entering those fields, and how those jobs have been affected over the past year. We compiled a list of 50 fastest-growing jobs with average salaries of over $100,000 using 2019 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Projections (released Sept. 1, 2020) and Occupational Employment Statistics (released March 31, 2020). The jobs are ranked by their 10-year projected employment change, and ties are broken by the projected employment in 2029. Any broad or vague groupings of jobs, as well as jobs that have “all other” in the name, were omitted from the list, as they do not reflect an accurate portrayal of one specific occupation.

The jobs listed in this article include transportation workers, judges and lawyers, and a bevy of STEM jobs (mathematicians, physics professors, and chemical engineers, to name a few). Different physicians and tech industry workers also make several appearances. Many of these professions necessitate postsecondary education or on-the-job training. Of course, more opportunities for lower-income citizens to gain access to these jobs are a growing concern for more Americans, as well as the need to invest in STEM education in communities that don’t have the same resources as more affluent communities.

Click through to find out which fast-growing jobs might be of interest to you, a family member, or even a youngster you may know who’s planning for the future, and be sure to check out Stacker’s other articles about the job market.

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