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Several companies in the world provide different goods for the benefit of their customers. However, a major problem that you can have as a company when you produce several products is that you might become commonly known for a particular product, while only a few people will know about your other products. The irony of this situation is that the love of your customers for those popular products as well as their satisfaction with that popular product could be enough motivation to make them willing to buy your other products. However, since they don’t know you manufacture and/or sell that other product, it would not cross their mind to patronize you. The funny part is that they might even be stressing so much trying to find which reliable company they can patronize for that product without much success when they wouldn’t have even bothered doing any further research if they knew you have the product. They will believe that for your product A that they are using to be extremely good, your product B should at the very least be good but probably very good or extremely good as well.

An example of a company that suffers this type of problem is Sony. Sony is a company that has been around for a very long time. For most of this period, they concentrated on making household electronics and cameras. Hence, many people know about their televisions and cameras. Before the advent of smartphones with cameras that significantly reduced the need people had for standalone cameras, Sony was easily the most popular and highest selling camera brand. This was because of the quality of their cameras. Their television, even though having significant competition from other brands, was also very popular. With the popularity of Sony cameras, anybody who wants to buy a phone with more emphasis on the quality of the camera, it will be easier for the person to opt for a Sony phone. They will believe that the quality of Sony cameras that has made them very popular will also be embedded in the camera of their phones. However, when such a person does not know that Sony produces phones, let alone having smartphones with good cameras, how would they be able to consider buying a Sony phone.

The major reason why Sony phones are not that popular might be the fact that they started producing the phone a bit late. Their production probably started when mobile providers like Nokia, Motorola, iPhone and Samsung were already very popular. Hence, when people think of phones, they think of these popular phone brands and just go ahead to search about them without bothering to check about Sony products. Despite the situation of things today, there is the tendency that for every 10 new people that gets to know that Sony produces mobile phones, at least one person will be willing to patronize them. They would imagine Sony inculcating features from the quality of their television screen, sound systems and cameras to the screens, sound and camera features of their mobile phones respectively. Hence, they will need no convincing to buy Sony products. They just need to know Sony produces mobile phones as well as what mobile phones have what features.

It can, thus, be said that all hope is not lost for Sony. Sony only needs to invest more in marketing of their mobile phones. They should leverage on the popularity of their other products to create adverts that will sound like if you love our television, then you will love our phone screens. This should also extend to if you love Sony speakers, then you would love the sound on Sony phones and if you love Sony Cameras, you would love the cameras on Sony phone. Thus, they would be able to ride on the popularity of their cameras and televisions to sell more of their phones.

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