Nokia 5800 XpressMusic – The Hardware & Software Review

The new Nokia 5800 Xpresss Music is Nokia’s latest offer in the touch screen smart phone market. The instrument is solid evidence that Nokia has built the device based on consumer aspirations about a mobile phone. The phone incorporates all the key features that consumers visualize in an ideal touch controlled phone.

Hardware Platform
All applications run smoothly on the performance of a single CPU. The phone runs on Symbian OS 9.4 which is the latest version. While the onboard memory is 128Mb, the memory card is of 8 GB. This huge memory is a great boon for the movie buffs.

You can use the on board accelerometer to rotate the interface automatically. There is an option to switch off the accelerometer whenever required. The only medium of interacting with menus and inputting data is the touch screen Soft buttons or a hardware keyboard is absent. There are physical buttons for answer, end call and menu. Scrolling is easily done by operating the fingers because the scroll bars are large enough.

Text input is done through virtual QWERTY keyboard and alphanumeric keyboard. The phone recognizes handwriting, touch and voice input too. The smart guess tool supplies variant prompts to help complete unfinished text input. Input speed, color, brush width and recognition delays are adjustable.

Software platform
The phone has a terrific software platform making use of state of the art technology. All applications are finger touch operated. A single tap on the screen element helps select it and a double tap helps confirm or open the application. The multimedia panel is actually a shortcut to provide direct access to the multi media features. They include a music library and playback, video application, a flash enabled camera, games and web browser. It supports MMS along with SMS.

During standby you can choose between 3 view modes. They include a screen that has only a search bar and a fully informative screen. A contact panel lists four of the most frequently contacted people. For every contact several parameters like phone number, images, addresses and web feeds are available.

The phone books automatic filter is a useful feature; as soon as you type initial letters of the names the tool filters all names and lists the probable ones based on what you have typed. The GPS and Nokia maps with voice guides make navigation as easy as 1-2-3.The facility is so accurate you may be tempted to get lost deliberately so that you will get a chance to please yourself with Nokia’s navigation facilitators.

The phone has an inbuilt HSDPA, WLAN and 3G which make posting you pictures on online communities as simple as sending an MMS or SMS.

Nokia has finally entered the touch screen party with the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. It has indeed stolen the show with its style, elegance, powerful hardware and software features and entertaining multimedia. So hurry to your local retail store to pick up your own Nokia 5800 model and make the heads turn as you take a call!

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