How “Newbie” Internet Marketers Can Learn How To Make A Lot Of Money Fast

If you are new to Internet marketing, and want to learn and absorb the core fundamentals quickly and easily so you can start making money right off the bat, then this article will show you how.

Look, there’s a lot of material out there about Internet marketing.

Everything from SEO to pay-per-click to lead generating to copywriting. And it is definitely a lot to take in at once.

But there are two ways you can learn these things rather quickly, while comprehending the information you learn much better than you would normally.

The first thing to do is, when you are listening to an audio lesson about whatever you’re learning (and most of the good stuff is on audio these days) you can speed the process up simply speeding up the audio.

In other words, make the audio play twice as fast.

Does that sound strange?

Maybe it is, but it works.

In fact, you will notice that it is actually just as easy to listen to at double speed. And you will cut through an hour recording in 30 minutes (half the time), with just as much retention.

The second thing you should do then is pick the very best audio lessons you listened to and listen to them multiple times.


Because no matter how fast or slow you listen to things, you don’t get the whole teaching the first time through. You don’t get all the subtleties and the nuances. You don’t get the second and third levels of meaning.

If you want to really absorb and internalize information, you need to listen to things two, three, four even five times (or more). That way, you will pick up everything they are teaching — and not just the surface material.

This is no joke.

Every time you listen to a lesson, you’ll catch further depths of meaning. You’ll digest more. You’ll internalize things more.
And before you know it — you will know the information well enough to teach it yourself.

That’s when you know you’ve got the entire message.

And you just keep doing this with each new audio recording you get.

If you buy something that’s on video, simply record the audio off of it (check for free software online) and do the same thing.

The key here is to expose yourself to the basics — the fundamentals of marketing, the Internet, direct response copywriting, etc — several times and get an internal understanding of how it works.

Once you’ve gotten those fundamentals down (and most people never do), making money will be a snap for you.

Trust me, this may sound like a lot of work, but it’s not.

You are actually saving yourself a lot of time and needless frustration in the long run.

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