How about Amazon Video Ads in 2022?!

Amazon presentation at NewFronts 2022 | Amazon Ads

One thing to note is that the return on investment for sponsored brands is actually not better than the return on investment for sponsored product ads. 

This is quite interesting just because video ads are considered the best performing ads on Amazon, as per several reports by different agencies. So the question here is what is going on? Most likely sellers still don’t use as much video advertising when it comes to sponsored brand ads. This is actually a good thing because this means that if you focus more and more on doing video ads, you’re going to probably have better results than your competitors. 

So video ads are something you should leverage. One more thing that we would like to show is the new product features for 2022 for Amazon brands report. This report comes directly from Amazon. What kind of new features are we going to have in 2022 for Amazon Sellers? Well we are going to have more in-line store shopping experiences. In other words, virtual stores will be more and more present. This isn’t just our prediction. We can see that Amazon is trying to drive the attention more into the Amazon store, which is acting like your brand’s website. If you don’t have a store yet make it happen and really work on your store as it’s going to be very important. 

This storefront has auto-generated spots like a ‘store spot’ which function like ads for your product. As we will see later, this emphasis on the store is why Amazon is becoming more and more of a social platform. We think the entire online shopping experience in general is becoming more and more social. Also there will be more and more brand metrics available. We already see how Amazon Attribution is becoming very important. We predict that Amazon is going to provide more brand metrics. Two key advertising elements that must be used is first getting your store ready because it’s going to be a lot more important and use video ads.

Amazon Out-stream video ads

Similar to OTT ads, you don’t have to direct back to Amazon with an out-stream video ad. Out-stream video ads sit in rented out reserved ad spaces on Amazon-owned websites and apps, like IMDb, and let you link to your website or landing page of choice.

Create an out-stream video ad that targets your ideal buyer with a Biteable video ad template, or start from scratch to craft the perfect video ad for your brand.

Amazon video ad tips and specs

Amazon video ads typically follow general video marketing best practices, but there are some Amazon-specific specs to keep in mind.

As with Sponsored Brands ads, out-stream autoplay videos are muted and need to be created for sound-off optimization — use in-video text and images to convey your message.

These videos can be up to 3 minutes in length but should ideally sit around 15 seconds or less, with the core message delivered within the first 5 seconds of the video.

Amazon recommends sticking to the standard 16:9 aspect to avoid the dreaded black bars on the side of video content. You’ll also want to keep your video file size under 500 MB.

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