Apartment Hunting During the College Years

Each year college students all over the country decide to take a big step into the real world by renting their first apartment. Up until this point, they have been living at home with their families or living in the university dorms. The transition to apartment living from the dorms can be a tough one, but there are some things that you can do to make the apartment searching easier and to prepare for the move.

Online Research

Prior to beginning any search, it is a good idea to ask around and look online for information about renting an apartment damansara in the area. In cities like Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, brokers handle a lot of rental properties and have high fees that you often must pay. Search for alternatives with websites and the local newspapers. Many universities also provide advice for students wishing to move off campus so be sure to find out if yours does.

Another aspect to keep in mind is what you will need in order to rent a place. Many apartments require co-signers, so talk to your parents about this possibility. If you cannot find a lease because you do not have someone to sign for you, sublets or direct rentals with security deposits are options that you should focus on.

It is also very important to plan ahead when moving into a high end condominium apartment. In many cities there are limited rental properties available, and the best places go fast. Pay attention to what students from the upper classes are doing, and ask any older friends if they have suggestions. You might discover, for instance, that the graduating senior who sits next to you in Spanish has a great apartment that will be available next year. Ask for the number of the landlord or the company that rents it and you can sometimes secure an apartment even before it is put out on the market.

When visiting apartments, use your time wisely but be open to surprises. Do not bother checking out places that are distant from campus or where you work, but do follow up on advertisements even if it does not seem like a perfect match. Try to avoid ruling out specific characteristics unless you have real reasons for wanting to avoid them. For example, basement apartments in one city might be vastly different from what you normally imagined. On the other hand, if you hate elevators, do not bother visiting apartments located on floors high up in tall buildings.

Throughout the entire high-end condominium apartment search you should attempt to imagine what your life will be like next year. If you know you will need to make frequent trips home, keep that in mind when you decide what locations you would be willing to live in. If you will need a lot of study space, avoid buildings with reputations for their parties. Small apartments attached to homes or in buildings where mainly professionals live are usually the best options when you want peace and quiet.

Lastly, if you are planning to live with a roommate, complete as much of the apartment hunting together. If it seems like you just cannot agree in the search stage, you might want to re-consider living together. Finding an apartment can be tough, but your first place in your college years is sure to create memories that you’ll never forget.

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