Web Browsers

Internet is a sea of information and to steer around and to explore that sea we use a tool known as a Web browser. This is actually one of the most widely used software of our time. It is software application that we use to view and interact with web pages. Every activity we do on the internet is done by the use of a web browser. Most browsers come as a part of operating system. Almost all of the web browsers are free to download and install for people across the globe.

The basic purpose of a browser is to display user requested web pages and other resources of internet. When a user enters a unique web address (which is also called URI Uniform Resource Identifier) in the browser the browser retrieves all the web page and displays it. Browsers allow you to open multiple tabs inside a single window so you don’t have to restrict your web surfing activity to one website.This technique of Tabs actually saves a lot of memory space. Most of the modern web browsers include vast security option. Security options also include blocking certain websites.They also offer different privacy levels. Browsers also allow blocking of unwanted windows that just pop up (Those windows are called pop-ups and the feature is called pop-up Blocker). Browsers also keep track of web pages recently opened.There is log maintained in computer called Temporary Internet Files which saves images of web sites so that when user returns to them the process of loading and viewing is fast. They also provide the facility to mark pages as favorites and return back to them quickly.

Different browsers offer different kind of layouts, different user interfaces and different style of keeping the history of web pages recently opened. As we know that Microsoft Windows is the biggest brand in Operating systems so the most commonly used web browser around the world is Microsoft Internet Explorer. In the race of public usage the Mozilla’s Firefox stands at second place and Apple Safari is third. Google Chrome is a new addition to this genre of applications and is gaining fast popularity.

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