Sylvie Fortin Confronts More Internet Marketing Sins

The final part of Sylvie Fortin’s “Internet Marketing Sins” is a two and a half hour slideshow, organized in manageable chunks that retain their flavor even if you need multiple sittings to digest it all. Bringing voice to such an incendiary industry topic brings authenticity to Fortin’s rant and shows the audience that she is not hiding behind her words. Fan and foe alike can dissect their meaning and react accordingly.

“You are responsible for your own actions.”

Internet Marketing Sins – Part 3 is subdivided as follows to whet your appetite:

  1. Teleseminar Idiots.
  2. Brainless Freebie Seekers.
  3. Coaching Addicts.
  4. Time Sucking Vampires.
  5. Slave Owners.

Fortin doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to destructive internet marketing practices. Want to ride the “Expert” interview wave to untold riches? Think again. Sylvie advises us to first build our subscriber lists and use our creativity to stand out in a well-defined niche. Only after building some independent cash flow and establishing your reputation should you consider approaching established marketers.

Seriously, the “gurus” have all the leverage, i.e:

Time, content, experience, knowledge, resources… and a list!

Conversely, you have nothing in the beginning. Without anything tangible to offer them, you are at best a potential affiliate with no customers. If you are solely dependent on other people’s stuff, you lose. Plain and simple.

Sylvie skewers “free” learning; while some generic skills can be developed without great effort, it’s only when you invest your time and money in serious skills that serious results occur. To truly learn for free, concentrate on one or two important activities (i.e. blogs, articles, video marketing, etc.) and take massive action!

Taking from One Hand, Stealing with the Other…

There are many unscrupulous cyberspace “coaches” who will gladly take your money without earning it. At the same time, many coaching students fail to follow a systematic approach after acquiring legitimate course material. So, to improve the value and payback of Internet Marketing coaching, Sylvie advises legitimate mentors to refuse and even refund money to cut out problematic students as soon as possible. On the other hand, buyers should take the initiative to work their courses studiously and diligently.

It’s not all Gloom and Doom.

Contrary to what you may think, Fortin agrees that money is a good thing. After all, we need it to satisfy our basic needs and participate in life’s various pleasures. However, she advises that making a buck should not compromise basic human values and customer relationships. Decision-making that improves the bottom line is part of business life, but the trick is to make sound, ethical choices. Acknowledge those who help you get to where you want to go, and be good.

Sylvie Fortin is optimistic about building and growing your online business in the midst of the current worldwide recession. Why? Personal experience – Sylvie’s business actually increased during the last recession; conversion rates went up, and refund rates decreased.


Beware of pesky customers who waste your time by moving away from product-related queries. Purchases and follow-up support do not entitle them to free coaching. Use effective outsourcing to delegate non-core tasks, and pay fair prices to retain good contractors. These are just some of the essential nuggets offered by Sylvie Fortin. While “Internet Marketing Sins” continues to raise the ire of some, most serious online entrepreneurs would be wise to heed its advice moving forward.

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