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It did not take long for Instagram to gain much more popularity faster than any other social platform. Since its development in 2010 Instagram has become a social platform where you can find almost everything already. According to researchers 60% of online adults are using the platform for different purposes and intentions. Some of them are on the social network in order to meet new people ,others use it to promote their business , some get the chance to be closer to their favourite celebrities and others use the platform as their job and earn money by becoming influencers. Along with all of these , there are also people that share with their audience and attract more followers by showing useful life tricks on Instagram.

As most of us know the main goal of everyone on Instagram is to gain as huge an audience as possible. Many ways of increasing the Instagram likes number exist – like getting affordable followers on Instagram by suppliers , posting great content often or showing useful tricks to your public as we already mentioned. In this article we will learn some tricks that can be really useful on a daily basis.

  • Toothpaste and toothbrush for bigger lips. Some influencers are posting videos and pictures where they show how they make their lips look bigger with the usage of toothpaste and toothbrush. Influencers say that if you put toothpaste on your lips , leave it there for 10 to 15 minutes then remove it and rub your lips gently with toothbrush and they will become quite bigger.  In fact this method is working but the effect lasts only for around an hour.

  • Usage of hot water in order to take the last drops from a foundation makeup or beauty corrector. If you put your foundation makeup or beauty corrector in a cup full of hot water , the substance will melt and you can use these products at least two more times. Just leave the product into the hot water for half a minute and then take the substance with your brush and use it.

  • Water down your mascara with eye drops. Every girl who uses mascara on a daily basis runs into the unpleasant feeling of having their mascara dried. Well, there is an easy solution for this issue. You can put 4 or 5 eye drops into your mascara and it will water down the substance and you would be able to use your mascara at least a few more times.

  • Using a dishwashing sponge as a beauty blender.  Using a dishwashing sponge instead of buying a beauty blender can be a useful lifehack. You can cut a piece of a new and not used dishwashing sponge and use it to blend your makeup.However it is not that good example of lifehack because the beauty blenders are not that expensive anyway , they are affordable and you can buy one for £2 or £3. The texture of the beauty blenders are way more gently to the skin than the texture of the dishwashing sponge. So be smart when it comes to your skin and be careful in order not to hurt it.

This article is written with the main purpose to be useful for all of the readers. However be careful using the lifehacks we mentioned,especially the one with the dishwashing sponge. If you want , you can try some of these tricks and write your opinion on the comment section below. It would be very interesting to see whether the tricks worked for all of you or not.In the next article we are going to see other beauty tricks so stay tuned.

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