Internet Marketing: Call Center Services

This is the age when call center services have spilled over from voice telemarketing calls. It’s no longer only about phone calls. Lead generation, a process that always relied on telephones, can now be conducted and sometimes with better results over the Internet. It comes as no surprise to those who have studied the changing pattern of the consumer’s mind. They are more open to the Internet as a medium for purchase. Online deliveries have become reliable and with credible names in the Internet marketing sector, the consumer’s dilemma about being duped is now uprooted. BPO companies have realized this opportunity for them to grow. They are now more concerned about using the Internet and Web 2.0 tools to sell their products and promote their brands.

The tool that the call centre units are mainly reliant on is the search engine optimization (SEO). This is the process by which search results come up against keyword-specific searches by users. You cannot take it for granted that the user will search by your brand name. They are more likely to search with the field of interest. For example, they may not search with DISH TV but satellite TV. The job of the call center unit is to optimize their website and their online literature and promotional material in a way that they come up on the very first page of the search results that come up. These pages are called search engine ranking pages (SERPs). The higher the SERP, the better is your chance of being visible to the user. BPO companies have to master this search process by careful anatomy.

More call centers are hiring SEO experts to do the job for them. They cannot entirely be called BPO agents, but they perform similar tasks. These are like answering service agents who work on non-voice methods online. But their aim is the same: selling products/services. When the user finds your brand online, they contact you through phone calls or write emails. Both these functions are handled by the inbound call center department. Call center units hire writers and designers to create web pages, email templates and other online publications to connect with the user. The primary aim of these pages is dissemination of information. The user must have access to all the required data and their interpretative analysis before they make a purchase.

Internet marketing also involves a lot of social media marketing. Call center agents create social networking profiles and interact with the users on a personal level. These BPO agents work as customer service sometimes, solving problems for the users. They often post their problems on Facebook or Twitter. The members of the inbound call center team respond to these posts and often solutions. Prompt response increases brand loyalty and also promote goodwill. The purpose of going online with call center services is mainly to keep with the changing trends of consumer behavior. More people are checking up Google and Yahoo for information on products/services. That’s the opportunity to make your sale.

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