HDD vs SSD VPS Hosting

Choosing Between HDD and SSD VPS Hosting

Businesses have started understanding the importance of owning a flexible hosting plan. The fact that the website’s ranking is directly dependent on the quality of hosting has made all the difference. There are many crucial aspects of website ranking, like SEO, bounce rate, customer retention, and so on. 

However, there is one more important factor that should be considered in terms of a quality hosting, and that is the storage options they offer. Many businesses are acquainting themselves with the nitty-gritty of the hosting industry and checking the needs before deciding the hosting plan. Most of them have also moved from Shared hosting to VPS Hosting in India. In addition, the storage system used is also making a difference. 

Gone are the days when Hard Disk Drives (HDD) were the sole option of storage devices. Solid State Drives (SSD) are gaining popularity these days. Hosting providers have started offering SSD as a storage option, which is much more economical, provides better performance, and many other benefits

We will compare HDD and SSD VPS Hosting based on factors that impact the service and affordability of your hosting service the most. 

Comparing HDD and SSD

Here are some of the factors that will help you realize whether you need to invest in SSD or HDD VPS Hosting. Let’s get started.

  1. Speed

HDD works on the basis of small moving parts, and SSD memory works on NAND Flash memory. As a result, HDD has lesser read and write speeds as compared to SSD. NAND flash memory helps SSD to clock higher write and read speeds as compared to HDD. Based on this information, we can safely say that the websites working on SSD VPS can offer you subsequently higher speeds as compared to HDD. 

  1. Security

Security of your data is one of the topmost things you must be concerned about when you spend on a VPS Hosting. Hosting servers are operational 24*7 and somewhat different from the environment. If the hardware is overloaded with I/O requests, the hard disk is at risk of failure. Backups are there for your saviour, but again, you cannot overlook the possibility of losing data over unforeseen instances. 

SSD possess faster processing speeds thanks to NAND flash memory. This minimizes the risk of hardware crashes due to I/O request overload. Also, no mechanical parts mean no wear and tear, which means maximum performance. 

  1. Power consumption

HDD consumes more power as it uses mechanical parts, which generate heat and require more energy to cool down. On the contrary, SSD does not produce heat due to the absence of mechanical parts for its functioning. Due to this, it saves not only the environment but also your financial resources since the plans are relatively cheaper. 

Final words

The storage systems are the first thing we all need to take care of since it consists of all our data; critical or otherwise. Be it your local system or a VPS Hosting Server, the essential part of any system is the storage. HDD and SSD are two necessary storage devices used these days. You must choose the one that helps you figure out the best for your needs. 

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