Fix APB Error Code 8 Steam

APB Error Code 8/error Code 8 is a Steam error. Steam users quite frequently fail to log-in because of this error. The error normally occurs because of server problem or it may also occur if server updates are in progress.

This article is written to give you solutions for this pesky error. Follow the steps given below to resolve the issue:

1. Wait for a while and then re-open Steam
2. Update Internet Explorer
3. Update.Net Framework
4. Refresh Steam application files
5. Fix Windows Registry errors

Wait for a while and then re-open Steam:

Steam error Code 8 might be occurring because of server problem. If you are facing this error first wait for some time and then re-open Steam.

Update Internet Explorer:

APB Error Code 8 in Steam occurs if you’re using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Please upgrade Internet Explorer to get rid of this error. Following steps are given to update Internet Explorer:

· Copy the following URL and paste it in your browser’s address bar:
· Download Internet Explorer latest version from the link given above.
· Update it.

Update.Net Framework:

You need to update the Microsoft.NET Framework in order to avoid APB Error Code 8. First uninstall the older version. Download.Net Framework’s latest version from Microsoft’s official website and update/install it.

Follow the below mentioned steps to do so:

· Click the Start button.
· Click Control Panel | Programs | Program and Features.
· Locate.Net Framework and right-click on it.
· Select Uninstall/Change to remove the program.
· Go to Microsoft official website.
· Download.Net Framework latest version.
· Install it.

Refresh Steam application files:

Sometime Steam application files become corrupt, outdated or damaged. You need to refresh Steam application files to avoid APB Error Code 8 / Error Code 8.

Follow the process to refresh Steam application files:

· First of all close all active programs including Steam.
· Go to Steam installation directory.
· Now delete all files and folders in the this directory except Steam .exe file and SteamApps folder.
· Double-click Steam .exe file in the folder to re-launch Steam.
· You have forced Steam to refresh files and update. Wait a while.

Fix Windows Registry errors:

Windows Registry is pivotal component to run system normally. Every day you use computer and some of the Registry keys get corrupted or damaged. It is essential to keep Registry intact.

You need to repair your Windows Registry on daily basis. Follow the steps given below to do so:

· Download Registry Cleaner software
· Install and launch it to scan Windows Registry completely.
· After a complete scan you will have a list of Registry errors.
· Click Fix Errors button to clean/repair errors.

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