Common Security Threats For Online Gamers & How a Reliable Web Hosting Helps

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The online gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, with over 3 billion active users worldwide. 

Given easy access to the internet and constantly evolving technologies, it has become highly convenient to play the top online games at any time from anywhere. 

Multiple gaming companies are investing in the right domain hosting in NZ to create a unique identity and brand value for their platforms to keep up with this demand. 

However, the impact of the choice of NZ Web Hosting is still underrated as many people overlook the replications of not choosing or reliable web hosting server. It attracts multiple cyber security threats that can impact the online gaming experience significantly.

Let us discuss some common security threats and how a reliable Web Hosting server can protect online gamers in this blog.

Most Common Security Threats For Online Gamers

  1. Account Stealing

One of the most common cyber security threats for online gamers is a complete takeover of the online gaming account using their own credentials. 

Often, gamers rely on the same or similar username and password for all different gaming profiles online.

However, this makes it easy for the hackers to target your gaming profiles by stealing your credentials, which gives them access to not one but all the gaming accounts registered under one user, causing complete loss of access to all accounts.

  1. Data Breaches

Another common security threat is data breaches. Here, the common practice of hackers is pretexting. 

It occurs when a hacker pretends to be a part of the online gaming company’s employee or support team to get a player to enter important personal or sensitive information.

Upon receiving the information, they hack into individual player accounts or, in some cases, misuse the gathered information for ransom.

  1. Phishing Attacks & Malware

Another tactic for data breaches is phishing attacks. 

Under this strategy, hackers trick the players into providing critical or sensitive data about their credit cards, bank account details, etc., which can be further used to extract money.

The most common practices to carry out this security that is why a deceptive email scams, fake websites impersonating a relevant identity, etc.

  1. DDoS Attacks

This security threat is common not just for the gaming industry but any server in general. 

Known as Distributed Denial of Service, under this strategy, hackers tap into the server by over-populating the server capacity to cause a sudden crash or major lags.

This has a direct impact on the gaming experience for any user, causing a loss of game progress due to high downtime. In return, the online gaming server also incurred the financial burden of resolving the concern.

Benefits of a Reliable Web Hosting Server

  • The key benefit for any online gamer is increased server security that prevents website crashes and lags. This is done using extremely high-end security measures like firewall protection, SSL encryption, etc., that limit the possibility of hackers tapping into the server significantly.
  • Most reliable web hosting servers offer multifactor authentication to monitor and control user access. This is beneficial as it ensures no hacker can access essential and sensitive information by tapping into any gamer’s login credentials.
  • A reliable web hosting server will perform regular data backups for the entire gaming server, making it easier for the users to access their progress in case of any data loss during unexpected situations like deletion, electricity shutdown, etc.
  • Lastly, a reliable web hosting server comes with top-notch technical support available 24 x 7 to provide users with constant support and resolution when needed, reducing the chances of them falling prey to impersonating hackers.


In today’s digital world, it is highly crucial to invest only in reliable and trusted Web Hosting in NZ to protect online gaming users from multiple security threats that can hinder the user experience.

Users are constantly looking for trustworthy gaming platforms to ensure their identity, information, and game progress are always protected. 

The right approach is to research and thoroughly understand the different features provided by any gaming company online to improve the overall website performance and security levels. Choose wisely and safeguard your gaming experience. 

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